An NFL Executive Is On Edge And Believes Bill Belichick Is Behind The Numerous Patriots Choosing To Opt Out

At least one NFL executive is in panic mode after numerous New England Patriots players have chosen to opt out season. In a text exchange earlier today, an NFL executive was questioning what exactly is going on in New England with NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Him: “You know Bill is masterminding all of this somehow.”

Me: “For what reason?”

Him: “I don’t know! That’s why he is who he is!”

Maybe Bill Belichick is cooking up something, maybe not, but the fear he instills in the rest of the NFL is nothing short of amazing. Belichick is living rent free inside everyones heads, and maybe there is something to this. The Patriots have so far had a extremely disproportionate amount of players that have already decided to opt out compared to the rest of the league. Perhaps Belichick asked players to make their intentions known quickly so the Patriots can have an advantage in the free agent market.

Others are saying this is some sort of a scheme to trade off Newton and tank in what could be a shortened season for Trevor Lawrence. The only thing that is certain, Bill Belichick is always five steps ahead of the rest of the league.