A Twisted Giants Fans Was Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats Against Patriots Fans Over Antonio Brown Signing

A New York Giants fan is in serious trouble tonight after making disturbing threats against Patriots fans. The fan was upset after the signing of Antonio Brown. He issued a threat on social media to “shoot up random people” at Gillette Stadium.
In the post the suspect, Tobias Gray wrote

“I’m going to pull a white boys school shooting at Foxboro you might as well hand them the ring right now I’m if I ever get my hands on a gun which I don’t have one yet but I’m looking I will go shoot up random people at Foxboro.”

Tobias Gray was arrested at his home in East Providence, Rhode Island on Sunday. He was dressed in a Giants jersey and jacket during a court appearance on Monday. Gray’s attorney said his client was simply upset the Patriots were able to land Brown, but stated he didn’t mean any harm.
There has been no comment yet from the Patriots.

The judge needs to throw the book at this guy and lock him up for the maximum time allowed. This is a grown ass man making a very disturbing threat. He should serve as the poster boy for any idiot that wishes to make this sort of joke in the future.