A Titans Beat Reporter Is Shamelessly Calling Belichick And Brady Cheaters

We have been down this road numerous times before so why should now be any different? Titans beat reporter Joe Rexrode of The Tennessean wants to be sure that nobody forgets the accusations against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for the Deflategate and Spygate instances. At the same time he tries to praise the Patriots greatness and put other instances of teams circumventing the rules to minimize the backlash that is obviously coming when you make ignorant statements. Rexrode wrote.

“Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. And a cheater,” the author wrote. “Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. And probably a cheater.”

Probably? I sure hope there is some proof to back that up Joe. A 7th grade science project on the natural gas law can disintegrate that claim.

“No, Patriots fans, the fact that Belichick is incredibly good at his job does not invalidate the evidence resulting from the ‘Spygate’ investigation of 2007,” Rexrode wrote. ” … No, non-Patriots fans, ‘Spygate’ and ‘Deflategate,’ the case of Brady using slightly deflated footballs for better grip in the cold of a 2015 AFC title game blowout of the Colts, does not invalidate any of the achievements of Belichick and Brady.”

OK so the Patriots filmed a half of football in the first game of the 2007 season in one of the most obvious and overblown cases of circumventing the rules. Belichick and the Patriots didn’t even make an attempt to hide it against his previous defensive coordinator Eric Mangini in his new job as head coach of the Jets. If it was so visible for Mangini to be able to call out after the memo went around to all NFL teams that this was an infraction during that summer the only conclusion is Belichick had it done for 2 reasons, 1 to spite Roger Goodell and secondly to get into Eric Mangini’s head. I find it hard to believe Belichick would have ever thought the penalty would be so overblown for something someone in the 3rd row could have done at the dawn of the Iphone age. Filming signals was never illegal and still is not. It was all about location but that would be totally obsolete now as any semi knowledgeable fan sitting in the nose bleeds could do the same thing and relay the message in the beer line at halftime. The story would have never been overblown if it was not the Patriots. A local Boston sports reporter John Tomase certainly didn’t help with his false report about the Patriots filming the Rams walk-through prior to Super Bowl 36. Although proven untrue it has helped fuel hatred to the Patriots since that day and has kept Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk awake at night.

As for Brady, show me one shred of evidence. Are you really going to claim he is a cheater because he didn’t want to give up his phone to a front office that has bigger leaks than the Titanic? Are you going to go off of texts of guys 2 guys that were goofing off nicknamed the Deflator and Dorito Dink? If so why have they never come forward or attempted to cash in on the biggest story of 2015 for millions of dollars? It doesn’t make sense. The original reports were completely fabricated and nobody in the league office even attempted to prove that it was anything other than a power grab for Roger Goodell. If you can contain your greatest model citizen you can control the rest of the players. Deflategate was nothing more than a money making scheme that would fuel the NFL and ESPN for an entire offseason.

It is great that the Patriots are in every opponents head. Maybe Belichick knew this when he made the decision on that fateful day against the Jets back in 2007. It very well may have been part of his master plan. Belichick is too smart to get caught doing something by accident and is always miles ahead of the rest of the league. The hoodie may have known this would be the case for years to come and the opposition would always be looking over their shoulders. Whether Spygate was an incident to play mindgames with other teams or to spit in the face of Goodell is OK with me. The fans around the league may think whatever they like but they will never take away the glory we have have had over the past 18 years and I wouldn’t trade all the hatred towards our Patriots if we had the opportunity. Embrace the hate.