A Man Was Arrested For Stealing Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey From The Patriots Hall Of Fame This Afternoon

Stealing Tom Brady’s jerseys has unfortunately become a trend. One man went for it all this afternoon by attempting to steal a game worn jersey right out of the Patriots Hall Of Fame only to get busted in the parking lot.

According to Foxborough Police department: Police make interception on items stolen from Patriots Hall of Fame ?
Earlier today, Officer Joseph Godino and Sgt. David Foscaldo responded to Patriot Place to assist Team Ops Security with tracking down a suspect who stole memorabilia, including a game-worn Tom Brady jersey, from an exhibit inside the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Working in conjunction with security personnel, Officer Godino located the suspect in question in the plaza parking lot area and subsequently discovered that he was wearing the stolen jersey underneath his jacket.
The 33 year old male from Providence was taken into custody and charged with Larceny. He was later transported to Wrentham District Court for arraignment.