A Conflicting Report Says Tom Brady And Gisele Don’t Even Own A Home In Connecticut

WEEI’s Greg Hill broke news this morning about Tom Brady and Gisele moving the family out of their Brookline home and in to a new home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Hill also shed light on the Brady family suite at Gillette Stadium getting cleared out as a way of saying that Tom might be headed elsewhere next season. The problem here is according to Patriots insider Tom Curran, the Brady’s do not own a home in Connecticut. Although it was originally reported months ago that they bought a home in Greenwich, it was later refuted. According to NBC Sports Boston

A representative from Compass Real Estate said that the Greenwich home featured in the “Homes of the Rich” report has been purchased, but not by Brady and Bundchen.
Compass oversaw the sale of the home and would not reveal the buyer but confirmed it was not the Brady family.

What does this all mean? Is the Boston sports media just making shit up on the fly now because they are running out of topics? If that isn’t enough, there also seems to be a question if the Brady’s left their Brookline home at all. Gisele posted an IG video of herself playing with the family dogs at their Brookline home this morning. There is no telling exactly when she recorded the video, but if she had enough free time to post it this morning, you can imagine it would have been from the supposed new home in Connecticut, if it even exists.

It is going to be a long offseason of rumors if this is the case.