A Boston SpeakEasy Psychic and a Strange Patriots Draft Prediction

First of all, a giant thank you to the Kings Of Boston Sports for allowing me to tell my strange story as it was such a unique experience in Boston the other day that I wanted to share the story and will be excited to see the NFL draft in a couple of weeks to see if the odd and surprising prediction comes true.

So a couple of days ago I was in Boston in the medical district wandering around waiting for a family member to finish their appointment which gave me a couple of hours to kill. As always, I’m decked out in my Patriots gear and my Red Sox hat, which brought a young couple to comment with a “Go Patriots” as friendly Boston fans often do. I smiled and opened the door to a conversation as I’m always interested in hearing about people’s views of the current state of the team especially now as it has been a tough off-season as many fan favorite players have left to take enormous contracts that are only available elsewhere due to the frustrating at times salary cap.

The young couple said they were not concerned with the loss of key players as financially the moves had to happen and they trust Coach Belichick as he always has this team primed for a Super Bowl run every year and 5 championships has earned him the utmost respect. Our opinions of the current state of the team were extremely similar and we continued talking in length about the Patriots. They ended up asking me about my afternoon and what my plans were and I explained that I was just wandering around wasting time. They told me they enjoyed talking to me and since I was so friendly they would let me in on a little hidden gem nearby if I was open to a new experience.

For the record, I lived in Las Vegas for a number of years and have heard every type of scam imaginable so I was very skeptical at first to the idea. The couple was very nice and were not asking for anything in return just passing on a referral to a business that was nearby and have had very interesting experiences at in the past. Though apprehensive I said I was game and they revealed that a couple blocks over was a SpeakEasy place that would be worth my time to visit.

Not to date myself, but I was a huge fan of the Swingers movie (1996) with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn that came out during my senior year of high school and the classic lounge action comedy and being introduced to the term SpeakEasy, which generally refers to a bar that is unadvertised except via word of mouth, which making it a trendy location choice without the natural overcrowding of a public place.

So I told the couple I have some free time and a beer sounds great right now and they started laughing…

Now standing there real confused and probably with a real dumb look on my face as maybe my thinking of a hollywood movie sent me down the wrong path I patiently waited for them to stop laughing and fill me in. They apologized for the laughter and said it was only because when they were told of the SpeakEasy a few months ago from a stranger they had the exact same logic and felt the brunt of the laughter as well. To their surprise back then and to my shock now the SpeakEasy in Boston was actually for a psychic!

A SpeakEasy Psychic was probably the last thing imaginable on my list of ideas of things to do in Boston even though I did have a lot of time to kill, but I don’t have much faith in psychics. This on top of an unadvertised psychic and recommended by strangers even if they are die-hard Patriots fans and the appropriate alarms and warnings were going off in my head. I thanked them for the idea, but told them I was not interested.

The couple seemed overly disappointed for the invitation decline which launched my curiosity into a frenzy. Why do you feel so strongly about your invitation? Do you really believe in a SpeakEasy Psychic? What am I missing here? This just doesn’t make any sense…

My curiosity began running wild and since this couple was so nice and strangely disappointed I thought what the heck, “ok I’ll go” I said to them.

The young couple was thrilled with my decision to go and said hopefully my experience will be as rewarding as theirs was. I went on to ask a few questions as I was still a little apprehensive.

How much does it cost?
– $20 for two questions, but there are restrictions.

What’s the catch?
– Only one question can be something directly affecting you in your life.

Interesting. Advice on 2nd question?
– You seem like a big sports fan, go there. We did…

Why is it a SpeakEasy?
– No idea, but we have been several times and had always had very accurate predictions.

Anything else I need to know?
– Yes, very important. Here is our referral password _______
– There are 3 rules
1. You may only pass it out to a random stranger that you have a nice encounter with.
2. Tips are greatly appreciated if predictions are accurate and return visits
3. The SpeakEasy Psychic knows when you break these rules.

Yes, I do understand how this sounds and I agree with all the evil thoughts you are thinking right now of wasting your time reading this but it was quite an encounter and the story needed to be shared. I would like to tell you that after hearing all this from the young couple I laughed at them and went on my way, but I just couldn’t resist. I thanked them very much for the opportunity they presented and said it was great talking with them and of course another Go Patriots!

Off I went on the SpeakEasy quest following some very strange directions walking around Boston and finally finding this door down a dimly lit alley thinking about the horror stories I see in movies when people make poor choices. No problems so far except for the chill going up my spine and all my spidey senses tell me to get the hell out of their. With my nerves finally in check I knocked on the door.

My jaw dropped as a breathtaking beauty opened the door and asked me what I wanted. I gave her the referral password and she warmly welcomed my into her psychic lair. She sat me down at a small table with a small crystal ball between us and asked me for the $20 fee. The beautiful psychic went over the rules which were perfectly explained to me by the young couple. She said fire when ready and I immediately asked a personal question that related to why I was in Boston that day in the first place. She worked her hands on the crystal ball and within moments gave an interesting answer to my question that I will keep to myself.

The second question which had the restriction and advised by the young couple to possibly go sports related was more of a challenge. Being April and this madness all starting with a “Go Patriots” between strangers I decided upon a Patriots question.

I asked, “Will the Patriots draft a QB in the first round as a future potential replacement whenever Tom Brady decided to hang up his cleats?”

The SpeakEasy psychic work her beautiful hands on her crystal ball seemingly struggling to find the answer.

After two minutes of silence, which seemed like an hour, she stated all I see is A REINDEER.

Yep, I definitely feel like I fell for a con as she could have probably said anything here and I could have just thanked her and been on my way. Slightly annoyed I tried to get her to divulge more information with no success.

She thanked me for coming and asked me to follow the rules as well as giving me my own referral password. She said when the reindeer makes sense, please come back and tips are greatly appreciated. She said she will be watching and once again told me to follow the SpeakEasy rules.

Back I went to meet my friend in the medical district honestly feeling like I got hustled. A reindeer wtf is that?

All I could think of is the Christmas song: Dasher and Dancer and Donna and Vixen however that song goes.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer…

Wait a second, there it is. It hit me like a ton of bricks…

Can’t wait to see the draft!! Do you get it?? What a fascinating prediction!!!

Welcome to the Patriots MASON (RUDOLPH) – QB

Wow, could it be…